Online Business – 3 Tips to Increase Your Online Business Success

You have a great new product, or an amazing service that you just know people will want to take advantage of. You’re ready to build your website and develop your online business. If you build it, they will come, right? Well, that would be wishful thinking unfortunately.

When it comes to online business, the quality of your product and service almost takes a back seat to the marketing strategies you deploy. Customers, prospects and clients won’t magically flock to your site the day you launch your site. You have to get them there, and there are many different ways to go about doing this. Follow these 4 tips to increase your online business success.

1. Be content rich. If all your new website has is a quick little blurb about your company or about your service, how will you be able to educate, inform or sell to a potential customer? You need to have lots of content on your site to help draw people to your site and keep them engaged. Your site needs to be more than a selling point, it needs to be a warehouse of information and a resource for people that need that information.

2. SEO, SEO, SEO. Search engine optimization is probably never going to go out of vogue. It’s an extremely important way that your online business can get itself found by prospects and future customers. SEO starts all the way in the beginning of your website’s life, when you research keywords related to your market and find the nuggets that it’s best to utilize.

From there, SEO involves picking a domain that hopefully has a relevant keyword in it.  Then, create the content mentioned above with optimized use of keywords, placing keywords in your META tags, browser title bar, internal links and inbound links from other sites.  SEO is what gets you found in the search engine results, and you need to be ranked highly in order to drive traffic to your site.

3. Build up your links. Links have become ever more important in the success of your online business. Keywords aren’t enough anymore to rank highly for something, not with so much competition.

Your page’s status and credibility largely determines where you end up in the search engines.  One way of measuring this feature is with Google PageRank.  Building incoming links from credible, related and high page rank websites is very important because it will improve your own page rank.

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